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Lying in the lowlands at the east of Addis Ababa and striding the Awash River, the Awash National Park is one of the finest reserves in Ethiopia.

The Awash River, one of the major rivers of the horn of Africa, waters important agricultural lands in the east of Ethiopia and eventually flows into the wilderness of the Danakil Depression.
The dramatic Awash Falls, as the river tumbles into its gorge, is the sight not to be missed in the national park. Awash national park, surrounding the dormant volcano of Fantale, is a reserve of arid and semi-arid woodland and savannah, with riverain forests along the Awash River.

Forty six species of animals have been identified here, including beisa oryx and Swayne's hartebeest. The bird life is prolific especially along the river and in the nearby Lake Besaka and there are fine endemic amongst the 392 species recorded birds. A special attrNationwide is the beautiful clear pools of the Filwoha hot springs.

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