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Suba Forest – The Oldest Park in Africa

The forest concession is located in Oromia regional state, especial zone Wolemera and Sebeta Hawas woreda, touching 10 different kebeles, some 40 km South-West of Addis Ababa on the South-Western Slope of mountain Wechcha, The area lies within geographic location of 9089´ to 9000´ North Latitude and 38031´ to 38035´ East Longitude.

The natural forest covers an area of 2,378.71 ha which is 67.96 % of the total forest area, with varies species, while the plantation covered by this inventory has a total area of 1,013.45 ha. The isolated patches of forest at the site called Wato Dalecha South of the main forest is not included in the survey. This plantation has an accumulated volume of 137,228.44 m3 for all species. There different plantation other than natural enrichment which includes, Soft wood plantation, Eucalyptus plantation and Indigenous plantation.

The forest has a decade long history of tourism. Visitors come to Suba- Menagesha for an experience that is rooted on the presence of wild life, associated fauna and the scenic landscape. Visitors participate in a number of activities; pursue many different interests, forest walk, hiking, bird watching and game viewing. The forest is engaging in different activities to preserve and develop the infrastructures for creating an easy gate of entry. Research and scientific support has a crucial role. Production, conservation and anthropogenic categories are on a good hand for preserving and transformation of the park with in the community and in related to tourist flow to the place.

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